Statement of the organizations of the Azerbaijani community of Georgia regarding the adoption of the Russian law


We, the organizations and initiative groups of the Azerbaijani-speaking community of Georgia, express deep concern over the adoption of the Russian law by the Parliament of Georgia at the very first reading.
As in the period of the first democratic republic, as well as now, the Azerbaijani-speaking community of Georgia is uniting for the future of Georgia. We well remember the chaos of the 90s and know exactly where this Russian law is going. After the restoration of independence, especially in the last decade, community organizations played a significant role in the development of the country. It is necessary to emphasize education, social issues, culture, environmental protection and other directions, including the invaluable work done during the spread of the coronavirus.

During all these years, our work has been focused on building a developed, orderly, organized country full of desire for Europe and integration. And now we see that the Georgian government, by adopting the mentioned law, wants total control over the civil society and the media, and wants to change the country’s aspiration towards the European Union to Russia.

We join the protests actions and once again we declare that we will continue to fight to protect the country’s European future. We conclude the statement with the words of Merab Kostava:
«You will be present at the time when Georgia becomes free! But know that if even then, in an independent country, you stop fighting for freedom, you and the country will lose this freedom.»

Signed by:
1. Solidarity Museum
2. Civic Engagement and Activism Center
3. New Thinking Institute
4. Mollaoghlu Community Center
5. Khuldara Community Center
6. Hygge
7. Red Bridge
8. Aghmamedlo Community Center
9. The Center of Support of the Development of Dmanisi Communities
10. Selfdevelopment Center
11. Daily Georgia
12. Radio Marneuli
13. Aktual.ge
14. Karachop Community Center
15. Alget Community Center
16. Georgian Azerbaijani Youth Union
17. Damia Giorarkhi Community Center
18. Civic Integration Foudation
19. Green Thinking
20. 24news.ge
21. Civil Equality Platform
22. Young Life — Georgia
23. Youth and Education Center
24. Nazarlo Community Center
25. Beez Children Theatre
26. Solidarity Center
27. Era Theatre